Let’s help the family

Let’s help the family

No one is protected from disaster. Fate also hurts those who, as far as they can, try to help the people who are unloved by it. The family of Olga Meiliene, a volunteer at the charity „Extend a Hand of Kindness to the Poor“, who had lost her home and her property in an unexpected fire, was also convinced of this. The reader was approached by the editor asking for help. On the night of May 1 this year, firefighters in the Vilnius area rushed to Daržininkai village, about 8 kilometers from the capital. About 2.42 p.m. a report was received that a small detached house was burning. When firefighters arrived at the scene, it was already covered by open flames. The interior of the second floor was completely burned out, and the kitchen, bath and room on the first floor were burnt out. Although the latter managed to protect the two rooms to some extent, it became impossible to live in the cottage. Olga’s family and her parents lived in this house. The woman is known for her charitable work. She has been a volunteer for the NGO „Extending the Hand of Kindness to the Poor“ for about four years. The facility helps orphaned orphanages, centers for children and adults with disabilities, poor seniors, and large families in need. But now Olga needs help. So far, louder to the family and parents of the woman who did not ask for her, the first indifferent neighbor remained. She allowed her to stay in her old hut.
“The situation is quite difficult. It is absolutely impossible to live in a burned house. It needs to be reset practically from scratch. We hang out with our neighbor in her old hut. But it is for sale, so if a buyer arrives tomorrow, we will be left without a roof overhead. You’ll have to look for a place to live. We contacted the municipality and the ward after the fire, but no response has been received yet.
Only moms can apply for social housing. She wrote a request, but also quiet, calm. As far as we know, we can only be paid a lump sum of € 900. Of course, that’s a ridiculous amount considering we’ve lost our home. But it also made us realize that we might not get it, ”Olga told the media. Firefighters said the fire broke out in the kitchen. Most likely, his fireplace became a fridge or a failure in the electrical installation. Awakened by her mother, Olga only grabbed her son and grabbed her camera and computer. The documents were seized by the mother, who had already escaped from the burning house through the window. Upon learning of the calamity, Olga rushed to her colleagues in „Extend a Hand of Kindness to the Poor.“ He brought clothes and toys for a boy who had experienced shock. The institution is currently inviting anyone who is willing and able to help the Olga family. “So far I am not in a hurry to help. But there are good people. There is no shortage of comments that needed to be hedged. Of course, we are guilty of that, but for now, nothing will change. Some want to help, others the opposite.

I myself have long volunteered as much as I can to help people. I feel such a need. I can safely say that it is a very pleasant job. We are in a sad mood in our family now. But we believe and do not lose hope. Maybe winter will make it back home. This would require about EUR 20-30 thousand. Minimum needs – roof, floor, water, electricity. Beauty and convenience are the things we care about now, ”O. Meilienė tried to keep her optimism. Stretching a hand of kindness to the poor, Algimantas Patackas said, „The search is for what could help the family not only financially, but also with building materials.“ “One company will give five interior doors, another will give furniture. Although somewhat defective, it will certainly be possible to use them. Finding help is difficult. Although I really cannot say that there are no good people or companies. Contribute what you can, though symbolically. More information is welcome at info@gerumoranka.eu You can contribute here:

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